The Grand Celebration Spotter’s Guide

So this morning Disneyland Paris delved into their giant dressing up box and treated us to a spectacular array of characters, dancing and singing to kick off their official 25th birthday celebration. Over 100 named characters appeared from the obviously (hello, Mr Mouse!) to the rare (the Cheshire Cat!) to the ‘omg I never even realised they had that costume!’ (Atlantis!).

But did you spot them all?

Let’s look back at the official live stream and find out. By the way, I highly recommend making this into a fun filled game for all the family – what better excuse to put this on your 42″ TV!


Mickey and Friends

Turning up twice – both in their traditional outfits and their fancy 25th Anniversary ones – all our main players were there.

1. Mickey
2. Minnie
3. Pluto
4. Goofy
5. Max
6. Donald
7. Daisy
8. Chip
9. Dale
10. Clarice
11. Duffy
12. Shellie-May

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Main Street USA

All three of the Aristocat kittens, Mary Poppins and Olaf (?) represent the old time appeal of Main Street USA.

13. Marie
14. Toulouse
15. Berlioz
16. Mr Penguin
17. Olaf
18. Mary Poppins
19. Bert

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From the commonplace (Toy Story) to the rare (Three Caballeros) and throwing in Pocahontas’s new costume for good measure.

20. Br’er Bear
21. Br’er Fox
22. Jose Carioca
23. Panchito Pistoles
24. Gauchito
25. Burrito
26. Woody
27. Jessie
28. Bullseye
29. Pocahontas
30. Meeko

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A very dynamic Tarzan joined by characters from the Lion King, Aladdin and the Jungle Book. Also, a rare sighting of Angelica from the 4th Pirates film.

31. Tarzan
32. Jane Porter
33. Rafiki
34. Timon
35. Baloo
36. King Louie
37. Aladdin
38. Jasmine
39. Sultan
40. Jack Sparrow
41. Angelica

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The surprising omission of Buzz Lightyear leads to the surprising inclusion of characters from Treasure Planet and Atlantis (including an excellent Milo who clearly needs to be seen more often). They’re joined by a whole plethora of Stitch characters.

42. Stitch
43. Angel
44. Reuben
45. Sample
46. Leroy
47. Experiment 627 (Evile)
48. Sparky
49. Pleakley
50. Milo Thatch
51. Princess Kida
52. Jim Hawkins
53. B.E.N

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Snow White and her entire entourage (who needs a prince when you have seven dwarfs?) alongside other Fantasyland main stays including the ever rare Cheshire Cat.

54. Jiminy Cricket
55. Pinocchio
56. Snow White
57. Bashful
58. Doc
59. Dopey
60. Grumpy
61. Happy
62. Sleepy
63. Sneezy
64. March Hare
65. Mad Hatter
66. Alice
67. Cheshire Cat
68. Peter
69. Wendy


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Sleeping Beauty

Of course what with it being her castle she and chums get their own starring moment. And some nice new clothes.

70. Flora
71. Fauna
72. Merryweather
73. Aurora
74. Prince Phillip

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Basically they dug up every costume known to man. That must be some big costume department they have back there (if some weren’t borrowed from other parks as rumoured). From some I didn’t even know existed (Meet The Robinsons?!) to some which made me squeal in girlish delight (Lauchpad!). This was quite a show!

75. Oswald
76. Practical Pig
77. Fiddler Pig
78. Fifer Pig
79. Thumper
80. Miss Bunny
81. Remy
82. Emile
83. Cinderella
84. Prince Charming
85. Ariel
86. Eric
87. Winnie The Pooh
88. Rapunzel
89. Flynn Rider
90. Cornelius Robinson
91. Wilbur Robinson
92. Robin Hood
93. Friar Tuck
94. King Leonidas
95. Bolt
96. Mittens
97. Belle
98. Beast
99. Bianca
100. Bernard
101. Chicken Little
102. Abby Mallard
103. Carl Fredricksen
104. Russell
105. Merlin
106. Mike
107. Sulley
108. Hercules
109. Megara
110. Phineas
111. Ferb
112. Vanelope
113. Sofia The First
114. Doc McStuffins
115. Clopin
116. Jake
117. Mr Incredible
118. Elastagirl
119. Hiro Hamada
120. Go Go Tomago
121. Wasabi
122. Honey Lemon
123. Judy Hopps
124. Nick Wilde
125. Elena of Avalor
126. Flik
127. Atta
128. Merida
129. Roger Rabbit
130. Jessica Rabbit
131. Mulan
132. Li Shang
133. Moana
134. Joy
135. Sadness
136. Kenai
137. Koda
138. Launchpad
139. Darkwing Duck
140. Ana
141. Elsa
142. Tiana
143. Naveen
144. Kuzco

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And there you have it. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR characters in a single show. That’s pretty damn amazing. The other parks have a lot to live up to for their next anniversaries.


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