REVIEW: Blanche Neige et le Sept Nains

The very traditional Disney attraction with the very French name…

Arguably the weakest of Fantasyland’s three dark rides, Snow White is admittedly a classic Disney attraction, a version of it’s Californian counterpart having been in place on opening day in 1955. That ride, called ‘Snow White’s Scary Adventures‘, lets you know from the off that this might not be the cutesy ‘Whistle While Work‘ experience you were possibly expecting. The French version? It lets you find that out for yourself.

Blanche Neige is definitely a creepy rather than cuddly experience, harking back to the more grim origins of most European fairytales and often taking first time riders by surprise. The original intention was that you were Snow White, trying to escape the clutches of the Evil Queen through a black-lit forrest of grabbing trees and snapping crocodiles. Not exactly the jolly singing dwarves and animal housework most of us remember the film for.


However, whilst it might indeed scare the little ones, there’s nothing particularly frightening for the grown up rider and, unfortunately, nothing overly impressive either. It’s…nice, which is about as insipid as it gets in a review. There’s an effective scene of the Evil Queen spinning around and transforming into the witch and a charming one inside the dwarf’s cottage. For the most part though it’s a short, all too speedy journey through some unsophisticated animatronic scenes which in the grand scheme of things barely hold together as any kind of narrative (apparently the hag’s scream at the end is because she gets struck by lightning and/or falls off the cliff? Who knows – you don’t actually see this, she just screams above you as you move through into the last room).

The quality of the final happy ending scene has always struck me as below par. Whilst the painting of the sunlit castle is beautiful and the dwarf and animal models are good, Snow White and her beau are surprisingly poor. They look more like generic mannequins dressed in the right outfits rather animatronics made specifically for this ride and Snow White’s odd, jilted way of waving just looks naff. Or like she should get that broken wrist seen too asap. The ride hasn’t changed much in 25 years and yes it’s old but they could have easily changed that so it doesn’t look so *shudders at the term* cheap.


Plenty of people seem to have fond stories of being terrified of this ride as children but the reality is whilst it might be fun to ride for the memories, it’s little more than ‘okay’ for the big Disney fan. The haunted house level scares that work well on young children don’t look so impressive to a modern audience and it lacks the magic of other dark rides.

Place it in the category of ‘filler’ and enjoy it for what it is.

Atmosphere:  3 mickeys

Effects: 2 mickeys

Story: 2 mickeys

Fun Factor: 2 mickeys

Thrill Factor: 1 mickey    

Typical Waiting Times: 15 mins. Ranging between 5mins to 40 mins

Worth-It Waiting Time: 15 minutes

Tips and Trivia

  • Whilst outside, keep an eye on the large first floor window; the Evil Queen makes a regular appearance.
  • The book in the dungeon that you can see in the queue line says ‘Poisoned Apple. A slice of the poisoned apple and the eyes of the victim close forever in the sleep of death. The Poison Apple Antidote. The victim of the sleep of death can only be resurrected by love’s first kiss.
  • Based upon one of the original Disneyland rides which opened in 1955, being almost identical to that ride’s 1983 refurb.
  • Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours to avoid long queues or ride it later in the evening when the families with young children have left the park.

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